Pamela Keith, attorney, former Judge Advocate for the United States Navy, and Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative of the 18th Congressional District of Florida

“As a student of Rhetoric, and a candidate for political office, I have heard and seen many attempts to analyze how Donald Trump was able to convince so many people of things that were either fundamentally untrue or functionally impossible. This book digs deeper and gets it right. The Trump phenomenon is not merely about a person, but a political environment, nurtured over many years and exploited by savvy operatives able to fuel the rhetoric of personal grievance. It also aptly addresses the deep-seated racism and misogyny rampant in the Trump campaign and its enablers. Once we get past the sordid inner workings of the White House, the lessons to be learned are really about persuasion and the ability to manipulate large numbers of voters. Kudos for a valuable contribution to our comprehension of ourselves.”